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How to disconnect a woman from her power? Teach her to fear the places her power resides; her menstruation, orgasm, childbirth and menopause.

I imagine a world where girls are taught the magic of their blood, and the wisdom of their cycle.
A world where girls, and boys, are taught to honour and respect these cycles as the Source of all life.

I imagine a world where women know their right to pleasure. Confident in expressing their needs and desires, without fear of being shamed for it.
A world where all men are as focused on HER pleasure as he is on his own.

I imagine a world where women trust in their ability to birth and create life.
Where birth is woman-centred, and not put into the hands of a patriarchal system.
Birthing should happen in a similar environment to that which created the baby; not in a bright hospital room strapped to a bed.
A world that knows babies are B I R T H E D, and not delivered.

I imagine a world where women experience menopause as an empowering, ecstatic even, event.
A world and a people that values time and wisdom,
where the word “anti-aging” is gone from our vocabulary.
I imagine a world that truly honours women, the mothers,
The wisdom keepers,
The goddesses,
The Great Mother of all.

When I wear the Elppin brooch, it often serves as a catalyst for engaging conversations. My Elppin brooch is a reminder of the exquisite beauty and diversity of breasts. Our breasts are so unique, but they serve the same purpose: Our breasts are developed because they are here to support the life and growth of our babies.

Whether or not we choose to have babies, have the opportunity to have babies, or even to breastfeed our babies, I think of breasts as a symbol of comfort, nourishment and a feeling of home. They are ours, and perhaps that is the most important reminder of Elppin; that our breasts belong to US, and we get to claim them as such. Breasts do not belong to society, to our partners, to pornography, or to the industry.
Our breasts are sacred, and they belong only to the woman who bears them.

I love my breasts, and I feel very comfortable with them. They are small, and suit my body well. I make my own breast oil and every morning I give my breasts a nurturing massage as part of my daily self-care ritual. My breasts feel feminine and beautiful- and I love them because they are mine.

Iselin’s nipple brooch is nested besides her breast oil.
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