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It took me a while to love my body, including my small breasts and a little oddly shaped nipples. In my teenage days, I had a very low self esteem in my appearance. I struggled with eczema since I was a baby, and the more I tried to go against the nature of my body, the worse both my mental and physical health became. When I started wearing push-up bras, eczema invaded my nipples and I still can see the little scars from the repeated inflammations from that time. With all the struggles and confrontations I had with my own body, and the curiosity and questions I grew towards anatomy and physiology of our beings, I chose to study medicine. By understanding the inner and outer nature of our bodies, learning about the illnesses and disabilities, slowly but eventually, I learned to appreciate and love my body just as it is.

And these past few years has brought me another depth in how I appreciate my body as an expression of my life stories. 2 years ago, when I was just about to start my clinical internship at med school, I was diagnosed with invasive thymoma, a tumor of a size of a fist that grew in between my heart and lungs. I had an open chest surgery and now I have a big scar that runs through between my breasts. Maybe my teenage-self would be trying to hide away the scar, feeling naive about it, but now I adore it as a part of my life story. I have a lot of scars all over my body, visible and invisible, but I connect with them with love and gratitude.

I wear Elppin to express the beauty and appreciation of the nature of our bodies. I adore the elegance and subtle yet very powerful presence of it.

Needless to say, it adds a lovely spark to my outfit. A lot of people ask about it, so it buds conversations about breasts, nipples and feminism.

Bringing more acceptance and love towards one's body. I hope by wearing it, the radiant energy of the Elppin will reach people's hearts.


Sakura keeps her Elppin with
meaningful objects on her dresser.
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