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archaeologist, educator, & dancer. 24-year-old Chicago native


I am always naked. I find comfort and feel most at home in my body.

I love my titties and have always known them as such. They're an important part of my daily existence, and I find power in choosing how and when to inscribe meaning to them. They can induce and embody the erotic, be entirely casual, encourage body positivity, welcome vulnerability, nurture life; the list goes on. Can you say multidimensional? We can learn so much about ourselves from embracing our tits. I decided this long ago and have been loving on mine ever since.

I want to see more naked bodies existing freely in the world. I’m passionate about normalizing explorations of the nude (fem)body, sexuality, and intimacy. Elppin does this work, and they do a damn fine job of making it fashion.

I’d loved to see nipple rings, nipple knuckle rings, and nipple nipple rings added to the collection. Those could be fun. I'd also like to see more activations: pop up shops, art installations, fashion shows, etc. Maybe all inside your Back to the Breast installation?! Your creative vision is inspiring and I’m excited to see this work come to life.

I wear Elppin because it allows me to share an intimate part of myself with others—a gentle reminder that nipples should be celebrated, that they are golden.


Sydney keeps her Elppin in their breast basket, right there, with her towels.