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I’ve had a complicated relationship with my breasts for much of my life. Like many girls and women, I’ve experienced bouts of body image issues from puberty to now, but the most negative sentiment toward my own breasts has been fear.

My mother developed breast cancer in her late thirties, which in turn affected how I felt about my own breasts as I grew up. I spent far too many years believing I would be subject to the same fate and grew to both dislike and fear my chest. I tested negative for the BRCA gene which quelled my nerves for a time, but during my first mammogram at thirty, doctors found two suspicious lumps - one in each breast. Thankfully, biopsies proved that both were benign, but I continue with yearly exams to ensure that I’ll always be on top of my health and any issues that may arise.

I’ve since learned to surrender, which has helped me to fall in love with my breasts. I’m no longer in a place of fear of them; I’ve come to love them and am grateful to have them as part of me. In fact they’ve become one of my favourite parts of my body.

I don’t know what the future holds - like anyone else - but I choose to celebrate my breasts and practice gratitude for my body and the health that I have now. That’s enough for me.

I wear Elppin on the days I am feeling most comfortable in my skin; it’s an expression of confidence. Of liberation. Simply put, Elppin helps me to feel empowered.

Not to mention the designs are stunning, the materials are high quality, and the entire brand ethos is one I can wholeheartedly stand behind. Plus, supporting a badass female founder and artist fills my cup.

In Elppin, you don’t go unnoticed and the brooch piece in particular certainly confronts the gaze. (And I love the symmetry in that confront is a synonym for breast and vice versa. How perfect.)

Elppin breaks away from the mold of tradition and societal norms that impose that a woman’s breasts should be covered; hidden. For me, wearing Elppin defies the status quo and enables me to take up the space that I deserve in this world.

I foresee of future of empowered women, standing in their light and in their full potential, while uplifting others to strengthen our relations and connectedness. Elppin will be the armour - the chosen uniform - of these empowered women.


Valerie keeps her Elppin alongside other treasures.
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