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All about women and love. 24 years old. Martinique.

In love, there is acceptance of oneself, of one's body, of accepting oneself as a black woman. Accepting the shape of her body, her textured hair, her breasts.

I was very lucky to have grown up with benevolent parents who made few judgments about my body, who did not subject my body to (waxing, thinness, etc.)

I have a small chest.

It's more visible, let's say nowadays, because I've gained weight. But they are still small breasts. I think I’m a B cup. I say I think because I haven’t worn a bra since my college days. Having a small chest, I never understood the usefulness of wearing bras.

I never wanted my boobs to be bigger or smaller. I have a vision of my body which is precious. And I don't want to distort it.

I want to honor my ancestors. And look like them.

I love myself. I love my body. If I feel insecure I wonder why. Is it really my insecurities?

Since I was little, I've always had this self-confidence that helped me not to question my beauty. I try to protect myself from the insecurities that others can project onto me.

I consider that what I wear on me, clothes, jewelry are like prayers (unreligious) amulets. They are objects that carry meaning and strength.

That’s how I feel about Elppin.

I carry with me a message every day that makes me proud and makes sense to me.
In moments a little down, Elppin jewelry recharges me. It makes me realize that I am not alone in this process. It is a heartache that we share and the fact of wearing Elppin jewelry is a poignant action. A message that we each deliver by associating Elppin and ourselves.

I wear Elppin jewels proudly and convey its message through my vision. Every action has a meaning for me. Nothing is random in what I wear or consume.

It's time to honor yourself and no longer be ashamed or hide.


Wendy takes her brooch to the river with her.