Adorn. Armor. Uplift.

Elppin is a badge of honor and adornment— a stand for liberation, empowerment and freedom of expression.

Spelling nipple backwards, Elppin challenges the notion that breasts should be veiled from the public eye.

The brooch is designed to be worn like a pin on a lapel, pushed down a few inches to crown the breast and confront the curious gaze.

The Elppin collection carries the abstracted nipple motif into a suite of earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

All pieces are both shields and treasures, designed to disrupt, armor and uplift. They are hand-crafted by a master jeweler in Bali, Indonesia, making each one slightly different. Just like your breasts.


Our Community

Elppin is jewelry for self-celebration. We want to hear what it means to you. Share your breast experiences with us @elppin


Elppin Gives Back

Elppin donates 10% of all sales to Planned Parenthood in the USA and Bumi Sehat, an acclaimed free natural birth clinic in Bali. 


Thoughtful Wearing

Our magnets are strong, but we recommend wearing your brooch on only one layer of thin apparel. Watch out for necklaces, scarves, and other metal jewelry, too – all of which may be attracted to your elppin.


Contact Us

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