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"As a woman and artist - the creative process is fundamentally a collaborative one, with memories, feelings, people, histories, and concepts all playing an essential role."

- Carina Hardy, Founder

Elppin was born in 2016 while Carina was studying design in London. By 2018 she launched the Original Collection, and her designs been exploring motifs of women's bodies found in the natural and made world ever since.

Elppin aspires to transcend adornment, understanding jewelry as a powerful symbol of celebration and empowerment. All our pieces are humble explorations of the timeless beauty and grace of the female form that we find in the natural and made world.

Our belief is that jewelry can be a conduit between ourselves, our bodies, and the world. We strive to create a profound and powerful connection - with our bodies, ourselves and the world - that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

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Expanding possibilities of new self expression

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Providing spaces for women to explore create and share themselves

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Integrating artisanal craft to support and sustain cultural dialogue

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10% to Women's Health Initiatives - Planned Parenthood & Bumi Sehat Bali

Our Story

Our Story

Our Stories

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