Questions, Frequently Asked

Where is Elppin Made

All of our pieces are handmade from start to finish on the beautiful island of Bali, one of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands.

How do you attach the Elppin nipple brooch? Is there a pin that will touch my nipple?

No way - we’ve worked hard to perfect the Elppin fastening and are proud to be poke, prod and prick free! The Elppin nipple brooch fastens with a magnetic clip so your body and your clothes remain totally unaffected. Drop and drag the brooch across your top to get it exactly where you want it :)

I have a nipple piercing, how does that work with the nipple brooch, will Elppin magnetize to it?

Not to worry, you can have it both ways. Most nipple piercings are made of stainless steel or silver, neither or which magnetize to Elppin.

Can I wear my Elppin naked?

We wish! Not yet, but we’re working on a way to rock the nipple brooch in the nude.

Can I swim in my nipple brooch?

Technically yes, but we do not recommend it. Waves or gushing streams and sudden swims can all potentially wash your brooch away. That being said, we love a good water photoshoot with nipples so be careful!

How do you recommend wearing the brooch most securely?

For most secure placement place the backing inside of your foam free bra right at your nipple and pop the front of the brooch on the outside. Drag to the desired position. Putting the backing inside a lace or mesh bra keeps the brooch secure on a loose outer garments.

What’s the quality of your gold plating?

We’ve worked hard to find the absolute best quality gold plating in Bali and we are exceptionally happy with the results. We work with a small facility that plates our brass pieces with a layer of silver then two microns of 22K gold on top. Our gold plated pieces that come into more significant rubbing contact are plated thicker than others and the price reflects this. We are more than confident in our quality. That being said, gold plate doesn’t last forever; re-plating will deliver your Elppin back to its original shiny glory, so if that’s your heart’s desire, contact your local jeweler, or e-mail us for deets! If you want to make a solid gold Elppin piece, contact us and we’ll make it happen!

How do I polish my Elppin jewelry?

Our gold plated jewelry will not tarnish (the magic of gold!). We do not recommend polishing your gold plated Elppin with anything other than a soft dry cloth to preserve it’s aesthetic integrity. Because metal is alive, with silver and brass jewelry particularly, a uniquely “you” patina develops slowly over time as it interacts with your body. If you’re into this (like we are) then watch and admire its character change slowly over time with you. For more shine, we recommend polishing naturally, with a paste of baking soda and lemon. Brass or silver polish (such as Brasso or Goddards available at local hardware stores) also work well!

I’m sensitive/allergic to some jewelry. Am I safe wearing Elppin?

We use sterling silver (925) ear posts and ear backs sourced in the USA because we do not cut corners on comfort. Wear Elppin earrings worry free. Many metal sensitivities are actually allergies to nickel, so to keep you safe, our 22K gold-plating process is 100% nickel free! While the magnets (in our nipple brooches) are nickel plated, they are protected in a brass, silver or gold plated casing, so no nickel comes into direct contact with your skin. We use 100% brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc.

My Elppin got sand in it after I wore my brooch to a river, lake, beach - how can I fix this?

Take some sellotape/scotch tape and plate it over the individual magnets, lift up the sand particles. Repeat as needed until all of the sand is removed.

A magnet popped out of my brooch, how do you recommend fixing it?

Don’t worry, that’s not a problem! Send it to us and we will repair it for you and mail it back free of charge. Or, if you love a good old DIY project, and want to make it YOURS, email us and we’ll send you a repair kit with everything you need, including detailed instructions. Please follow the directions meticulously for best results - yes it takes patience.

What’s the magic in the magnet?

Elppin uses neodymium earth magnets, the strongest magnets on the market, which offer secure fastening through one layer of (thin) clothing and a mesh bra. The strength of the magnet decreases with each additional layer of fabric, i.e. denim or canvas may reduce the magnetic pull. Please be careful with long necklaces or bag straps which can dislodge the brooch. Sometimes aggressive hugs can end in a search for the nipple brooch but don’t fear, they will come back to you one way or another.

Where in the world do you ship to?

We will deliver your Elppin to you as quickly as possible in all 50 U.S. states. We ship everywhere that can be shipped to from New York City, so if you’ve received an international package from the states before then we can most likely get that Elppin to you. We’re a small brand, but we're a global Elppin community, so we often rely on friendly human couriers traveling around the world who help get your Elppin either to you, or closer to you!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We send out packages once every week from our home office in New York City. We appreciate your patience as we process and prepare your Elppin for you. Domestically in the U.S., we use USPS 2 day shipping (and it’s free!). Please allow for at least 3-4 business days from the order date to receive an email regarding delivery date.

Does Elppin cover customs duty for international shipping?

We do our best to be on your side and ship internationally however we cannot claim responsibility for customs fees charged at the receiving country. Reach out to us beforehand if you’re worried about it and we’ll do our best to work something out.

What’s your return policy?

We want you to be happy with Elppin and will do what it takes to make it right. Reach out to us and let’s find a solution.

What are your packaging practices?

The short answer: Elppins packing is 100% compostable. Every piece of it can return safely into your compost heap and back to mama earth. Our product packaging is 100% plastic and paper free. Every piece of Elppin jewelry comes in a hand woven fiber boobie basket. We work with families in a Balinese village who have been practicing this specific traditional weaving craft for generations. The fiber is locally sourced palm leaf woven into breast shaped baskets in home workshops. Inside, a comfy cushion of the softest tencel (wood pulp fiber) that is sustainably harvested and 100% biodegradable, holds your Elppin. The cushion is stuffed with kapuk, a local silk cotton fiber that falls from the trees in our garden. It is 100% GOTS certified. All textiles are dyed with a beautiful dark shade of natural indigo at an organic dye facility in Bali. We ship our baskets in bubble wrap mailers to protect them in transit to you; please reuse and recycle this envelope.

Do you offer student discounts?

Hell yes! Elppin was born on a budget - we are excited that you want to spend some of your precious funds on Elppin. Enjoy 15% off when you use a .edu email address at checkout. Send us a picture of you studying at the library - or doing whatever else you do in college - rocking Elppin :)

Where does the name Elppin come from?

You’ve probably figured it out already, but in case you haven’t, Elppin is nipple spelled backwards (ah hah!).

I’m looking for a gift and I’m not sure what to buy, what is your most popular piece?

The nipple brooch, of course! But you’re not off the hook there, it comes in two sizes to choose from! If you’re looking for something more safe but with the same message and meaning, we suggest the double nipple drops. They are extremely versatile, and can be worn with anything from blue jeans and a t-shirt to a ball gown. They are easy and fun and look good on everyone! For something different and tactile, the nipple pendant is an all star gift because it keeps on giving amusement with its spinning mechanism.

I can’t decide between Elppin I and III, how do you recommend I choose?

We offer two sizes/shapes of the nipple brooch so that you have a choice which size works for you. After all, breasts are not a one size fits all scenario. Elppin I is the original Elppin design - it is slightly more almond/eye shaped and is the larger of the two. Elppin III is smaller and more rounded. We recommend you choose based on how you feel - what shape speaks to you? If you follow your heart, you probably won’t go wrong. After choosing one, many come back for the other!